The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. One thing that’s absolutely essential for an eyeball is to be sufficiently lubricated at all times. This is exactly what tears do for us. Having healthy functioning tear ducts is something that people who don’t have chronic dry eye syndrome may take for granted. However, if you do have this condition then you’ll know how uncomfortable it is to have eyes that aren’t kept moist. Restasis is a prescription medication for dry eyes that’s especially effective.

When an eye is healthy and without any type of impairment then the eyeball is covered with a tear film. This film remains in the same consistency even after each blink of the eye. Most people aren’t aware of what’s in tears, so here it is – water, fatty oils, protein, electrolytes, bacteria-fighting substances, and ones for growth factor.

When a tear duct begins functioning improperly then the reduced supply of the liquid can mean the tear film becomes unstable. This is what causes chronic dry eyes. There are not enough tears, and the supply you do have is evaporating too quickly. However, the good news is that Restasis can provide you with the relief you need.