Propecia is a drug for treating Male Pattern Baldness, and it has some positive results for its users. Generally, this medicine has to be taken once a day, and either with or without food. Take your dosage as prescribed by the pharmacist or the doctor.

If the tablet breaks and loses the powder inside, it shouldn’t be used anymore. It is essential to take the tablet at the same time every day for at least six months to see noticeable results.

This medicine has to be continued until you maintain your natural hair growth, or you’ll be more likely to lose all the improvement in the next 12 months. Before going for this drug, consult your doctor about all your previous medical history and other medicines that you have used that might react negatively when taking this tablet. Propecia may affect the blood tests that are done to detect prostate cancer.


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In conclusion, Propecia is a highly recommended product by all specialized professionals in this field. The users of this drug give a 5-star rating to its effectiveness, satisfaction level, and ease of use. Side effects may be possible, but most people adjust to them without too much difficulty.

The price of Propecia will vary between the USA and Canada. It is recommended to use it at least for six months to see noticeable results in your scalp. But due to some fertility and sexual activity side-effects, this drug may need extra care when being consumed.

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