The reason it’s so difficult to quit smoking for most people is that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known. The way the body develops a physiological reliance on nicotine is well documented. Quitting smoking is tough, there’s no doubt about it, and for most people going ‘cold turkey’ – meaning to simply quit on willpower alone – doesn’t work. Often people will need a smoking cessation aid, and Chantix is one of the more effective stop smoking medications.

People who have successfully quit smoking will tell you is that it’s not just tough on you, it’s often tough on your family too as nicotine withdrawal leads to a whole lot of unpleasant symptoms. Irritability is definitely one of them, and it’s quite common to be fairly unpleasant to be around when quitting smoking. Quitting smoking can also lead to sleeping difficulties, increased anxiety, inability to concentrate, and increased appetite that leads to overeating.

Chantix can be the solution for you to stop smoking, and it’s helpful to know that it is not a nicotine replacement therapy product like the patch or inhalers. Many physicians agree it’s a superior quit-smoking option because with the proper Chantix dosage the nicotine-dopamine reward equation in the brain that is behind the addictiveness of cigarettes is obstructed in just the right way.