The body’s immune system tends to be rather headstrong and inflexible, and if it detects anything that it perceives to be an invader then it IS going to respond. You certainly wouldn’t want to have it any other way, and a strong functioning immune system is a must-have for any human. Unfortunately, quite often there’s ‘false alarms’ for the immune system where the foreign substance it detects isn’t actually posing any risk, but the immune system responds in the same way it always does – by producing histamines. Most allergy medications work by blocking histamines, and Allegra reviews suggest that it is one of the more popular ones.

For people born with pollen allergies, they’ve known what it’s like to be constantly sneezing and having the itchiest eyes imaginable every spring for as long as they’ve been alive. It’s something they’re going to have deal with for the entirety of their lives, but fortunately a good antihistamine medication will provide them with reliable and fast-acting relief from ‘hay fever’. All the Allegra reviews read online are overwhelmingly positive, and it is a great choice as hay fever medication.

Keep in mind, however, that there are many other different types of allergic reactions that can be counteracted with Allegra or another one of the best allergy medications. Many people rely on them the same way for finding relief from allergic skin reactions like hives or chronic pruritus. Dust allergies are increasingly common these days, and same for having an allergy to pet dander. Allegra is a good choice in these instances too, and there are very few if any Allegra side effects.

Allegra reviews will also make it known that this allergy medication is also used to improve kidney function for people with kidney disease. So let’s take a longer look at Allegra and what makes it such a reliable allergy medication that’s popular with people all across America. Plus, we’ll share some real Allegra reviews that were collected from folks just like you.