Humans need tears to lubricate and clean their eyes regularly. Dry eye is a disease occurring when the body is having trouble in developing a sufficient amount of tears. It can also be due to the quality of tears that may not be sufficient for what they eyes need.

Suffering from dry eyes will make you itchy and uncomfortable, sometimes you may also feel slight burns and stings in your eye. People come across such irritations when riding a bike, mid-flight in an airplane, or sitting in front of the computer screen for a long while.

Opting for treatment and solutions to dry eye problems can make you comfortable. These techniques may include medicated drops and lifestyle changes. You will have to take some precautions to avoid making your dry eyes even worse.  


  • Various symptoms of dry eyes may include any of the following: Scratchy eyes, stinging sensations, and significant burning sensations in both eyes
  • Hesitation to be out in bright light without any type of eye covering
  • Rashes and eye redness
  • Problem in seeing through your contact glasses or having a sensation that there is something stuck in your eye
  • Watery eyes 
  • Blurry image and unclear vision.

What causes dry eyes and how to treat them?

The tears in your eyes are made up of fatty acids and mucus. If your body has insufficient resources for producing quality tears, you will most likely face dry eye problems. Lack of adequate tears can make you go through all the symptoms mentioned above. 

These nutrients also improve your vision and cleanse your eye from unwanted dust, providing you with a clearer vision. In most of the cases, it’s the decreased production of tears that causes dry eyes, but in other instances it can also be due to an excessive tear evaporation or imbalance of the formation of quality tears. 

A consistent and strong layer of tears in the eye is essential to keep your eye on its best health and comfort. Tears help the eye to filter and clean dust and microorganisms that could destroy the cornea inside the eye.

A tear layer inside the eye has three parts, an oily lipid part, a watery component which is aqueous, and a mucous part. Each of them plays a vital role inside the eye, and they work as an armor to all eye diseases.

Xiidra- the fix for dry eyes:

To treat dry eyes, there are multiple medicated solutions available. But in any case, it will take the right amount of time to show appreciable improvements.

For the longest time Restasis was the only well-known solution to cure dry eyes. However, in 2006, Xiidra was introduced in the pharmaceutical market and it is the only drug that derives itself from the class of lymphocyte function-associated antigen.

Xiidra is an effective medicine that treats and cures dry eye signs by stopping and blocking the inflammatory cascade, which is the reason for all the symptoms and changing of vision associated with the dry eye diseases. The stinging, burning, and scratchy eyes are all because of inflammation that makes your eyes red and makes you feel miserable. 

Xiidra is dosed twice a day with one drop each time; it is a preservation-free solution. Comparing the response of the immune system, it reacts the same way as it does for Restasis, but Xiidra is from a very different class of drugs and has a long-term improvement in the production of tears.  

 Xiidra is an authentic FDA-approved medicine that can cure and treat both the symptoms and signs of dry eyes. Xiidra is also approved to counter corneal staining. 

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Factors associated with dry eye syndrome

Several factors can push you towards having dry eyes. These can include using a bright light-emitting machine, for example, a computer or mobile phone. While using any of these devices, we tend to blink less frequently than we do all day. The less blinking causes tear evaporation to take place faster than usual.

In previous studies, smoking has said to be a factor contributing to dry eyes as well. Frequent travelers may also face the same issue because the air in the cabins is arid. Extreme use of air conditioning and heaters can also affect the humidity of the indoor environment, which may cause inflammation in your eyes.

Certain medications that involve antidepressants, blood pressure medications and antihistamines can contribute to the risk of getting dry eye disease.


Summarizing everything, if you ever experience dry eyes, go through the signs and symptoms thoroughly very calmly. Then find ways to exclude those symptoms to eliminate them permanently from your lifestyle.

Before taking any medications, consult your doctor before jumping onto any conclusions. Revaluate your lifestyle and avoid indulging in activities that may cause trouble to your eyes. This is mainly for chain cigarette smokers and pipe smokers. They are not only pushing themselves in the dungeon of dry eyes but into the claws of other deadly diseases as well.