Ortho-Cyclen is made up of progestin and estrogen, 2 main hormones that are involved in a pregnancy. The drug works by preventing the release of an egg from the ovaries of women. This prevents ovulation and hence, pregnancy in women.

Not just that, Ortho-Cyclen is also known to increase the density and thickness of the vaginal fluid. By doing this, it prevents the sperm from reaching and fertilizing the woman’s egg. Moreover, the drug changes the lining of the uterine wall that prevents the attachment of the egg to the uterus. This results in the egg passing out. 

The drug has several functions in the body; hence, it prevents pregnancy through a number of mechanisms. This is why it has been praised by so many women worldwide. You can read amazing Ortho-Cyclen reviews written by women who have used the drug and consequently have benefited from it.

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What are Customers Saying?

Ortho-Cyclen is a very popular drug and has garnered a number of positive reviews from customers. A lot of reviews suggest that it is a safe drug that guarantees results. Here are some of the best pros of the drug that are mentioned in Ortho-Cyclen reviews by North Pharmacy.

1. Ortho-Cyclen for Birth Control

There are many birth control pills in the market; however, very few guarantee results as much as Ortho-Cyclen does. It works in a number of ways that ensure unwanted pregnancies don’t happen. These include regulating hormone levels, thickening of the uterine wall, and preventing attachment of egg to the uterine wall.

2. Ortho-Cyclen for Menstruation

The drug is not only used for birth control, but reviews suggest that it is very effective when it comes to regulating women’s menstruation cycles. Currently, millions of women all over the world are facing some sort of issue with their periods, whether it’s a non-consistent cycle, greater blood flow or non-stop bleeding. The drug is known to curb all these problems. Not just that, but it also helps decrease the chances of ovarian cysts in the body.

3. Ortho-Cyclen for Acne

The fact that the drug is effective against acne only came to the limelight after customers glowing reviews hinted at it. Acne is a growing problem in both males and females. However, with women, acne is largely related to irregular periods. Continuous use of Ortho-Cyclen is known to reduce the symptoms of acne and gradually finish them altogether.

Common Misconceptions

Due to a lack of awareness, there are a lot of people who think that the drug is effective against sexually transmitted diseases, more commonly known as STDs. The causes of STDs do not include hormone imbalances or irregular menstrual cycles. Instead, STDs are a result of unsafe sex or intercourse with multiple partners.

Therefore, Ortho-Cyclen should never be used as a way to prevent or treat STDs. Many people who have written reviews on popular websites are under the misconception that the drug protects them from STD when it clearly doesn’t.

Ortho-Cyclen Canada Price vs US?

The drug is widely available in the US and Canada and some other parts of the world. Ortho-Cyclen cost varies from country to country and from pharmacy to pharmacy. However, since Canada’s healthcare system is significantly cheaper than the healthcare system in the US, it is only natural that Ortho Cyclen cost is less in Canada.