How many times have you had a prescription written for you by a doctor that you never have filled? It might surprise you just how many people across America will say they have ‘abandoned’ a prescription. And it’s often not because they don’t need the medication anymore. It’s estimated that more than half of prescriptions abandoned when it will cost more than $500 to get them filled. Ordering drugs from Canada and Canadian pharmacy may be a needed resource for people.

That Rx drugs cost more in America than most other countries in the world is a well-known fact. Some people still want to know exactly why that is. That’s a whole other discussion that could fill its own blog entry. The primary reason is that the pharmacare industry goes hand in hand with the healthcare industry in America. As such it’s been built on much the same for-profit model.

There are so many middlemen between the drug manufacturer and the pharmacy, and it adds to the end-user cost significantly.

It’s predicted that the total cost of prescription drugs is going to continue to climb, yet for many families in America their incomes are not going to be increasing anywhere near what would be needed for them to keep pace. It’s almost certain the number of Americans who can’t afford their meds each month is going to increase. However, it is true that more and more of them are looking into getting theirs from a Canadian pharmacy online.

Steeper for Generics

A study indicated that only 74% of Americans currently taking prescription drugs have no difficulty affording them. But it’s also true that the more drugs a person takes, the harder it becomes for them to afford those meds. Going with the generic equivalent of drugs has always been a way to save money on medication. However, in more recent years even generic prices have gone up considerably.

Apparently, around 6% of patients who fill a prescription with the generic equivalent of a drug are surprised to find they can’t comfortably afford the generic version. This is an especially big problem for anti-inflammatory drugs. So many Americans have no choice but to take these types of meds for rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, and other related conditions.

So if you’re a person that can relate to struggling to afford your medication, then surely your ears will perk up if you hear it’s possible to order medication from Canada and pay much less for the same drugs ordered from a Canadian pharmacy.

The ‘Store’ Next Door

It’s a fact that Canada and the USA have the longest undefended border in the entire world. That’s a reflection of the fact that the two countries are good neighbors. Free Trade Agreements between the two countries have benefited both a lot. However, recently the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has made it difficult to impossible to order certain medications from outside of the country.

We’ve seen examples of people leaving the country for the explicit purpose of buying medications for less from a Canadian pharmacy or one in Mexico. The most noted of them being the ‘insulin caravans’ of American diabetics getting together to travel to Canada and buy more affordable insulin. Insulin is a great example of why Americans are looking at options like Canadian pharmacies. In fact, a milliliter of insulin can be as much as $15 in America nowadays.

So if you’re willing to travel up to the other side of the 49th parallel and buy less expensive drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy, that’s something you can do. Just be sure to mind these 5 tips for traveling to the USA with medications based on the US FDA’s restrictions.

We need to remember that not every American on an expensive course of medication can travel anytime they like. Some may not have even left their own State in decades, and not by choice. This is why Americans stand to benefit if they gain better access to cheaper drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy online.

Making it Happen?

There’s been a lot that’s come out of the White House over the last 4 years that’s easy to dislike. Whether you’ve approved or disapproved of the Trump Administration, there’s some real potential to the White House Executive Order signed in July of 2020 that aims to do just what we’ve talked about here – giving Americans greater access to more affordable medications.

For Americans who are on medications that are essential, this may be some very good news about accessing a Canadian Pharmacy that can offer meds for less.