Contraceptive medication has been a major benefit for young women over the course of many decades now. There’s so much to be said for the way these medications allow both women and men to be much more spontaneous when it comes to their lovemaking, while still being responsible about family planning. Levora (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablets) is one of the more popular birth control pills, and it’s one of the many combination birth control varieties that many believe are the most effective birth control medications. Plus, the Levora price in most parts of America is actually quite reasonable.

This is good news, as for most young women once they find a birth control method that they’re comfortable with they’ll very likely be sticking with it for a foreseeably long time. The process of determining whether Levora is that product probably began with asking is Levora reliable, and then followed by how much does Levora cost. Despite the comparatively reasonable price for Levora, however, there is a noticeable difference in the Canada Levora price vs USA.

Now for many people who order expensive medications from Canada and have done for a long time, it will be common knowledge that many drugs are more expensive in America than Canada. There’s a whole host of reasons for that, and we’ll have a look at what goes into your Levora price here. While it’s not going to be prohibitively expensive for most, it still may be more than some women can reasonably afford. Fortunately ordering medication from Canada is a very valid option for them.

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Different Pharmaceutical Industry Standards  

Many people who cannot afford the branded version of medication will opt to go with generic medications as a more cost-effective means of taking care of their health. The problem with this choice is that in America there is legislation that allows drug manufacturers to retain a monopoly on production of the drug, and in many cases for a VERY long time. How this would keep the Levora price down is fairly simple to understand, as the pressure created by having a generic alternative would prompt the branded medication manufacturers to keep their price in check.

Major pharmaceutical corporations work to maintain these monopolies as long as possible, understanding that it’s in the interest of their bottom line to prevent the development and release of generic equivalents of the medications. If it’s a popular drug then eventually there WILL be a generic equivalent released, but even then the Levora price or the price of any other medication might still not decrease very much.

However, drug prices usually decrease to 55% of the original brand name cost once there are 2 generic equivalents on the market, and to 33% of it once 5 generics are available. If a person orders Levora online from a Canadian pharmacy though, often the Levora price available this way will be even better for branded medication than what they would pay for the generic drug equivalent in the USA.

Why is that? Well in Canada, Health Canada (their version of the US FDA) doesn’t make itself overly active in protecting corporate interests like the FDA does in America. It should be said that the much smaller population in Canada compared to America’s 350 million makes it a whole lot easier to do that.


Middlemen Factor into Medication Pricing 

If we’re going to look at why are drugs so expensive in America compared to Canada, we also need to talk about all the different intermediaries who have their hands out expecting a little pie slice along the way between manufacture and dispensing. Now to be fair this doesn’t affect the Levora price in America as much as it does with other medications, but it’s still a factor worth highlighting. 

Each of these ‘middlemen’ adds to the cost of the medication created between the drug manufacturer and the dispensing pharmacy along the way. The reality in Canada is that there’s much less in the way between the manufacturer and the pharmacy ready to dispense it to you. Unfortunately, in the USA that’s an equally strong contributing factor to why the Canada Levora price vs USA is that much lower most of the time.


Important Considerations with Levora Birth Control Pills

It’s not a common question, but some people inquire about how to get Levora prescription online. As is the case with most medications, you may well be able to get your prescription filled online and possibly get a better Levora price that way, but you will need to see a physician in person in order to get a prescription for birth control pills. That’s in large part because the nature of this medication also means that the physician request a gynecological examination before writing the prescription.

There are other general precautions for using birth control medicines, and we think it’s best to conclude our discussion here with information on them.

  • Use of Levora is not advised for women over the age of 35
  • Smoking while using birth control medication increases some health risks associated with it
  • Be aware that the use of birth control medication does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted devices
  • Certain antidepressant and anxiety medications can present interaction risks with Levora. Be sure to inform your physician of ALL medications you are on when discussing your birth control medication prescription
  • Oral contraceptive use does slightly increase the risk of vascular disease in some women
  • Oral contraceptive use also increases the risk of retinal thrombosis

How much does Levora cost? The average price in America is indicated to be in the vicinity of $0.83 on average, so it’s not among the groups of medications that are too expensive for a lot of people. However, if the Levora price at your pharmacy remains too costly for you then you’re encouraged to look elsewhere for it.


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