Androgenic alopecia; commonly known as the Male Pattern Baldness, is one of the most common diseases found in males. Studies show that the majority of the men, after the age of 50, will experience extensive hair loss. This particular hair loss condition is mainly related to genetics and testosterone. 

Every single hair that grows on your head goes through a complete cycle. When someone faces Male Pattern Baldness, this growth cycle breaks down and weakens the roots. The follicle becomes unproductive and grows weak and shorter hair than usual. In the end, the cycle fully stops, and new hair ceases to grow, leaving your head bald. 

It commonly occurs in elderly males and is likely to affect faster with the increasing age. Male pattern baldness runs in your genes. If it’s from the maternal side of your family, then you are at a higher risk of facing this disease because genetics plays a vital role in Male Pattern Baldness. 


Male Pattern Baldness can occur gradually, depending on what is the reason behind it. The symptoms may include extreme thinning of hairline on the top of the head and hair starting to recede from the front, forming the letter M. 

Some men can also experience coin-sized bald spots. It may even feel scratchy and itchy before the hair fall to start. Similarly, another common symptom of sudden baldness or hair loss can be a state of shock. While combing or brushing, your hair might fall off in large quantities or even after gentle tugging. 

Male pattern baldness: Causes and Treatment

Every day people grow new hair, and in the same pattern, many hairs fall outtoo. Male pattern baldness occurs when the growing process is either destroyed or replaced with scar tissue. This disease can be related to one of the following factors:

·        Heredity

As stated, Male Pattern Baldness has a strong connection to family history. It occurs in predictable patterns with increasing age. Smooth or bald spots and a receding hairline are signs that hair loss has started. 

·        Medical Conditions

Several conditions may also promote Male Pattern Baldness, and usually it’s related to hormonal inbalances due to thyroid or other several problems. These conditions also include Alopecia Areata, which causes hair loss in the form of soft patches, and infections in the scalp. 

·        Supplements or medicines

Male Pattern Baldness can also be an adverse side effect of certain medications or supplements. These medicines can include those that are used to treat cancer, blood pressure, and heart problems. 

·        Shocking event

Some people may experience sudden hair loss due to a stressful event or shocking incident.

·        Hair treatments

The use of excessive hair chemicals and hair treatments like perms and others can weaken your hair. Hot hair treatments can cause permanent damage to follicles, which will lead to scarring in the scalp or Male Pattern Baldness. 


Certain medicines can prevent Male Pattern Baldness, and Propecia is one of them. It contributes to the production of testosterone to treat hair loss.

It slows down the hair loss process and treats your damaged follicle. It works more reliably  than other medications like minoxidil in particular, because once you stop taking Minoxidil then your hair loss is likely to come back. 

Risk Factors

Several risk factors contribute to the likelihood of Male Pattern Baldness. They include the genetic history of your parents, and in particular on your mother’s side. The age of the person is also an essential attribute because this disease usually occurs with men who are 50 and above. Significant weight loss can also increase the risk of getting Male pattern baldness. 

Can Propecia help to cure male pattern baldness?

This medication helps to treat male Pattern baldness at the center of the scalp, which is called the crown. It is to be used by adults only. Propecia works by blocking the effects of hormones, and this helps to increase the rate of hair growth and counters hair loss. Hair growth on all the other parts of the body remains unaffected. 

Women and children are not to use this medicine. Read the complete precaution list before starting your medicine plan. Propecia can be taken orally with or without food, usually once a day or as prescribed by your doctor.   

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How to prevent male pattern baldness?

Before starting with Propecia, inform your doctor about any allergies you may have. The solution of the product can include inactive ingredients that may trigger allergic responses. Your doctor should be aware of your complete medical history, including heart problems, liver disease, or kidney infections if you have them. 

This drug is harmful to children and women, especially when with the film-coated capsule. This drug can absorb into the skin and cause deformities in children. 


Propecia cannot be shared with anyone. Follow the instruction given by your doctor and inform them as soon as possible if you see any unusual lumps on your body. If for any reason, you miss your dose of Propecia, you can have it right at that time. But don’t have it when it’s near the time of the second dose.

Keep it in a cool and dry place that is away from light and moisture. Keep it in an airtight container to help it prevent from being moist. Keep these away from children and pets. 


Up until now, there weren’t many ways known to prevent men from experiencing Male Pattern baldness. Good advice is to avoid being overly stressed, engaging yourself in healthy activities; and eating quality food as a means of staying in the best of health.

There are multiple treatments available in the market, including hair transplants where other hair follicles are moved to the top of  your scalp. But these treatments are known for leaving adverse side-effects like black spots on your scalp. Propecia is an FDA approved medicine and is known to slow down male Pattern baldness and allow individuals to not have to consider more invasive treatments like hair transplants.