We’ve likely all heard how a dollar doesn’t go as far as it once did. One of the problematic things in America these days is how wages and salaries haven’t kept up with the pace of inflation. To be fair, this is a problem in every industrialized 1st-world country. However, when it comes to affording medications those countries haven’t seen the meteoric rises in prescription drug prices that the USA has. This is what has so many looking at the possibility of ordering from a Canadian pharmacy.

A quick review of one or more of the many online Canadian pharmacies will make it very clear that medications can be bought for less from a Canadian pharmacy. Those considering that option for cheaper drugs will want to consider if free shipping to the USA is included.

All of which is very important, and perhaps even more so if you’re an American diabetic needing insulin. Or suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that needs effective NSAID meds that don’t ‘cost an arm and a leg’. However, you might argue that it’s Americans with cardiovascular health failure who are most at risk for potentially dying from not being able to afford medications.

Heart medications are often too expensive for people who need them, and it’s estimated one in 8 US residents suffering from a high-risk heart problem have skipped taking their meds due to difficulty affording them.

There’s no organ in the human body more essential to continuing life than the heart. That’s a pretty indicting statistic when it comes to any discussion of whether drugs have become too expensive in America. Perhaps having the option of ordering from a Canadian pharmacy is arriving not a moment too soon for many Americans.

Problem Years in the Making

Here we are near the end of 2020. While 2014 was a little more than half a decade ago now, in the bigger picture of things it’s really not that long ago. Let’s look at all the consumer goods people like to complain about regarding the price. Has the price of a liter of gas increased 100% over the last 6 years? No, it hasn’t. Has anyone’s grocery bill doubled in the last 6 years? Unlikely. Has the price of any commodity gone up 100% over the past 72 months? No, not one.

The reason we keep referencing 2014 in reference to a Canadian pharmacy here is this; the prices for branded pharmaceutical medications overall has increased by 100% over the past 6 years. As we mentioned before, wages and salaries have NOT kept pace with all sorts of cost of living increases for Americans. The more acute nature of the problem when it comes to medications, however, is that not being able to afford them means not taking them. Then the individual starts to be at greater risk of health failures or even death.

Lowering the cost of prescription drugs has to be a priority for decision-makers in America, and that may need a complete overhaul of the pharmaceutical industry and the way it is geared for corporate benefit in the way nearly any industry in North America will be. Let’s be honest though, is that really going to happen?

What is more likely is giving Americans more access to affordable drugs ordered from Canada and utilizing a Canadian pharmacy. If that’s possible, what more convincing would a person need beyond paying less for prescription drugs from Canada? Turns out some people do have reservations about doing that.

Same Exact Products, Much Lower Prices

The USA and Canada each have a federal regulatory body that ensures that prescription drugs are created, transported, and dispensed safely and in accordance with regulations that protect the quality and purity of the products. In the USA that is the FDA, and in Canada it is Health Canada that serves the same purpose. It oversees the operation of any Canadian pharmacy.

So to anyone who has concerns about the quality of medication from Canada, put those worries aside. The medication you’d receive ordering from a Canadian pharmacy is exactly the same as what you’d get from your local pharmacy. If you pay for the branded version of the medication, that’s what you’ll get. If you order the generic equivalent, you’ll get the same generic version of your drug that you’d get in the US.

But here’s one criterion for you to use. Look for a CIPA certified Canadian pharmacy. Search the name of any pharmacy you’re considering to see if it’s one of the 72 certified online pharmacies in Canada.

You might just find much better prices on your meds with that Canadian pharmacy and it’s certified. Then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and start paying less for medications ordered online from Canada!