It would be beyond surprising if there was even one American who’s alright with the ridiculously high prices for prescription drugs in America. It is almost staggering how much people need to pay for medications. When these meds are absolutely necessary, the reality is these folks have no choice but to pay these prices. Something needs to change there, and perhaps the wheels are in motion. President Trump recently signed an executive order that aims to make drugs more affordable in America. So the question becomes what about pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US?

Giving Americans easier access to fairer pricing when ordering drugs online from Canada is a primary focus of these new regulations. And that’s exactly what these people want – better prices on medications from Canada. Up until recently there were protectionist measures in place to prevent this type of access to cheaper drugs in America. Fortunately, we seem to be at a point now where pressure from the public has swayed lawmakers to make changes.

So is there one best pharmacy that ships to the US? It’s not as simple as saying this one or that one is the best. However, a pharmacy like North Pharmacy is among the many who are able to state they are an excellent choice for ordering prescriptions from Canada. They are one of only 73 online pharmacies in Canada that are CIPA Rx certified as reputable pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US.

This means they’ve met a number of stringent criteria to get that certification. It’s interesting to note how pharmacies are different in Canada in comparison to those in the USA. But more to the point, Americans will want to know why drug prices are so high in America compared to pretty much ANY country in the World, along with what about pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US.

Order with Confidence

Becoming certified as a good Canadian online pharmacy isn’t something that just any online pharmacy in Canada can get. Now, what exactly does a pharmacy need to do in order to be CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) certified?

The criteria are as follows:

  • Dispenses only through a Licensed Pharmacy
  • Prescription required for all Rx medications dispensed through online pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US
  • Company address and phone number provided on website
  • Privacy of personal/ medical information 100% assured
  • Payment transaction is 100% secure with pharmacies in Canada that ship to the USA

It may also be helpful for those looking into a Canadian pharmacy for orders to USA that other good Canadian online pharmacies like Canada Drugs Direct and Canada Pharmacy are similarly CIPA certified and also a good choice when ordering medication online from Canada.

Here is the List of Certified Pharmacies in Canada that ships to the US:

Many American households are just like those in Canada in that pets are part of the family too. Pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US may be one thing, but it’s possible to get better prices when ordering pet meds from Canada too. If that’s something you’re interested in then World Pet Express is also certified in the same way and there’s no better online pet pharmacy in Canada.

To be fair, Total Pet Supply is an excellent choice for ordering medications for pets from Canada too, and the same goes for Vet Shop and Pet Care Choice.

Here is the List of Pet Pharmacies in Canada that ships to the US:

Coming Soon: Lower Costs for Rx Medications from Canada

Let’s wrap things up by talking in greater detail about this recent executive order from the White House that’s set to introduce more affordable medications for Americans. It’s certainly going to create more interest in pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US. We can expect a whole lot more Americans to be asking what’s the best pharmacy that ships to the US.

There are some who may still find their meds to be too expensive. It’s also possible to order generic medications online from Canada. You can get even more savings on the more affordable versions of medications. Generic equivalents of drugs are the same quality and consistency, and every bit as effective.

In America, a drug manufacturer will retain a patent on any drug they’ve manufactured for 5 years. After that, a generic equivalent may be available. This restriction is a part of what the US government looked at before issuing this executive order.

What You Need to Know

Here’s how this executive order might impact how you can benefit from pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US.

Price Setting – The order will make it difficult for the pharmaceutical industry to set prices for prescription drugs. It stipulates an international pricing index proposal. While that’s good news for anyone looking to order drugs from Canada, it hasn’t been well-received by the industry itself. Which of course is no surprise.

Importing Drugs from Canada – This is the meat of what we’re talking about here when it comes to helping Americans afford their medications. The order intends to dismantle measures that have been in place to make it difficult to do so, but now we American pharmacies may be able to import drugs from Canada.

Drug Rebates – Definitely another issue that furthers the interest in Canadian pharmacies that ship to the US. Another part of this order bans drugmakers from providing billions of dollars in rebates to pharmacy benefit managers and insurers. Instead, drug companies would be encouraged to pass the discounts directly to patients at the pharmacy counter.

The good news is that it’s almost certainly going to be possible to access pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US in the near future.