There are all sorts of instances in our lives where the best course of action is obvious. Ones where you don’t really need to go through anything more than a quick look at what’s available to you in order to decide what you’re going to do. When it comes to saving money on purchases, it’s fair to say that all of this becomes even more automatic. Now one of the things at the forefront of budget concerns for many Americans these days is affording their medications. Nowadays, however, ordering from a Canadian pharmacy is more of a real option.

Which is definitely a good thing, because many prescription drugs are far too expensive in America for the average person. This is particularly true for people who don’t have any type of healthcare provided through their employer. Also, the fact that the entire healthcare system in the USA is built on a for-profit model.

But there’s the old adage that’s ever so true today as always – ‘change what you can, accept what you can’t’. So what’s the alternative for people who find affording their drugs to be a real struggle? Considering developments in the White House, your best bet really may be ordering medication from Canada and using a Canadian pharmacy to get prescription drugs for less.

Consistent Savings

If we take a look at the most expensive prescription drugs in America, none of these medications are going to be ones that many Americans need to take regularly. Let’s focus instead on common medications that are expensive in America. People who need them might be looking to a Canadian pharmacy to get a better price.

Now whether you consider Sildenafil (Viagra) to be a necessary medication depends on your perspective. Coming in second and fourth for example are Duloxetine (Cymbalta) and Omeprazole (Prilosec). Surely we can agree that treating fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal reflux disease is very necessary.

Viagra will run you about $230+ for a month’s supply of the medication if you’re not ordering it from a Canadian pharmacy. Same goes for Cymbalta ($180) and Prilosec ($132). Now of course there are many households in America that can afford those types of prices for Rx medications. However, there are likely even more that can’t without cutting corners elsewhere.  These medications and most other ones can be purchased for much less when ordering from a Canadian pharmacy. Ever greater numbers of Americans are wising up to this alternative.

Same Products

The question for many people then becomes are these pharmacies reputable, and will I get the same type of product quality with the medication that I do from my local pharmacy. If you’re considering ordering drugs from Canada, only look at a Canadian pharmacy that is CIPA certified. This stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. It is a regulatory body that makes pharmacies prove they have certain high operating and dispensing standards.

There are only 72 CIPA certified online pharmacies in Canada. You can look for the CIPA decal on the home page of any pharmacy website to determine whether or not that’s a Canadian pharmacy you can trust. You’ll get the exact same type of medication, with the same purity, efficacy, and safety. Another popular choice for Americans these days is ordering generic medication online from Canada.

Erectile dysfunction meds are popular choices of course, including Viagra and Cialis. Symbicort inhalers or even Synthroid – which is one of the lesser known of the most prescribed medications in the USA and is for thyroid disease.

If you find your medication find a little too expensive at your local pharmacy, ordering from a Canadian pharmacy may be something to consider. This may appeal even more to people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes that need more affordable insulin.

Changes in FDA Drug Importation Allowances

The White House signed an executive order that would allow access to cheaper prescription drugs in American in July of 2019. While there is still some debate about how effective this will be, there is reason to believe that it may become easier to order drugs from Canada. Diabetics absolutely must take insulin and it is very expensive in every State in America. Some families have severe difficulties affording it, and this could provide some relief for these folks.