It was about 40 plus years ago that there was a major perception shift in society that promoted women being more liberalized with their sexuality. This was very appropriate and long overdue, as having both men and women enjoy their sexuality and gain the benefits of a healthy sex life is the way it should be. Women are in their reproductive period for approximately 30 years on average, and it’s natural that young women will want to choose to become pregnant when they’re at the right time for that in their lives. Birth control is an important part of that.

While barrier methods of birth control like a condom or IUD are also effective means of birth control, there’s many reasons why a good number of women prefer to use birth control medication. There’s less risk of an unexpected malfunction, and when these unfortunate incidences occur the women is usually forced to take a ‘morning after’ pill. These pills work as an emergency contraceptive method, but they’re really hard on the woman’s body and it’s something you’d rather avoid.

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Pills aren’t the only especially reliable method of birth control, however, as nowadays there is an increasingly large number of options for women with contraceptives. All of it will be a little overwhelming for some, so we’ll look at the topic in much greater detail here, including addressing how effective is birth control and what are the pros and cons of implant birth control.

What’s Best for You

Most women will be entirely aware of the basics when it comes to relying on birth control to not get pregnant; that it’s essential to take the pill every day, and at the same time every day. And missing one dose one day is fine, but if you miss two or more in a row you will HAVE TO use some additional type of birth control if you choose to continue to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.

For most women, their knowledge of the subject ends there. And that’s fine in most cases, as you can trust in your physician’s recommendation about what type of birth control medication is best for you. And it’s a well-known fact that many women enjoy the added benefit of clearer skin from birth control medication. It’s a better decision, however, to look at both the health risks and benefits of birth control medicines too. We’ll touch on that below as well.

How Birth Control Works

Birth control pills are effective in the way that they “trick” the body into understanding that it’s already pregnant. What happens then is that no egg is released from the ovaries (the process of ovulation) then it is quite basic in that there is no egg for the man’s sperm to fertilize. Birth control medications that are oral contraceptives contain female hormones that are present in high quantities when a woman is pregnant, and by releasing them is how it’s able to fool the woman’s body into believing it’s pregnant.

The most popular birth control pills are ones like Levora and Yaz, among others, are categorized as combination birth control pills. This is because they contain a combination of two synthetic versions of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Some women cannot tolerate excessively high estrogen levels, so their choice will be to take progestin-only birth control pills. For women who have recently given birth and want to resume their birth control efforts, progestin-only pills are a better choice here too because they don’t interfere with the body’s production of breast milk.

How effective is birth control? Well, the good news when it comes to birth control pills is that they’re reported to be 99% effective for preventing pregnancy, provided they are taken as directed.

Birth Control Implants

Mention the word implant and the majority of people will think of either dental implants or breast implants. Up until recently, most young women would never have heard of birth control implants. Asides from wanting to know exactly what it is that would be implanted – and where? Many of these same people will be asking what are the pros and cons of implant birth control, and is it as reliably effective as oral contraceptives?

Let’s start with what is a birth control implant exactly. In the USA, these products are sold under the brand name Nexplanon, and what they are small plastic rods that are similar in size to a matchstick. And no, these implants are not implanted anywhere near your genital region if that’s what you were concerned about. Many women are pleasantly surprised to learn that birth control implants are placed under the skin of your upper arm.

What the implant does is slowly release a progestin hormone – etonogestrel – into the body in very specific measure amounts. This hormone works the same way as the ones in birth control pills, blocking the release of eggs from ovaries AND thickening cervical mucus so that sperm can’t enter the uterus. One of the most immediate pros for birth control implants is that there’s only something in the vicinity of a 0.05% failure rate where women get pregnant despite using this contraceptive method.

The biggest advantage of using a birth control implant is that there’s no need to take pills, or remember to take pills. You can just go about your daily life and not worry about forgetting to take your pills. As for negatives for using birth control implants, there are some side effects you may want to be aware of. They include:

  • Headache
  • Breast pain
  • Nausea
  • Weight gain (lard ass)
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Risk of skin or tissue infection at implant site

Plus there is the fact that you must have them inserted by a physician, and each device must then be removed by a physician after three years.

These go along with the standard health risks and benefits of birth control medicines that apply to all of them as a whole. However, women should keep in mind that these medications are proven very safe and effective for the most part. If they weren’t, they would not have been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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